A little about Kat 


Kat Maisano is a certified personal trainer (NASM), bootcamp instructor, and entrepreneur based in La Verne, CA. She started Keep Going Kat a Instagram channel with over 50,000 followers in 2013 as a way to track her 65lb weightloss journey. 

Kat's journey began after having her son. She new she wanted to make a huge change and decided to document the process and share her journey. Simultaneously she started her free weekly bootcamp that meets every Saturday in her hometown. Her goal is to make fitness accessible to the masses saying " No person should be left out of fitness because of finance.". 

She continues to share daily motivation, workouts and fitness advice on 

@keepgoingkat. In 2015 she started KGKfitsisters. A monthly subscription fitness program and community. Inspiring and empowering women to take on their fitness journey with health goals at the forefront. She has also released the very popular Bootycamp Challenge and Core Camp Challenge. In August of 2017 she opened the doors to her boutique fitness studio in La Verne, CA. 



Kat's Philosophy:

Love yourself along the way. You are allowed to love your body and want to improve at the same time. 
Allow yourself to be a beginner. We all have to start somewhere. Take it day by day. 
Something is better than nothing. Don't discount what a quick workout can do. Even 20 minutes a day and create major change.