About Kat Maisano

“I believe every woman can achieve love for their body, break free from dieting and find a way to do fitness that feels good. I help busy women workout with quick effective workouts that can be done anywhere with minimal equipment.” 


In 2014 Kat started her Instagram as a way to share her weight loss journey. After gaining nearly 70lbs during her pregnancy she knew she wanted to make a huge change. She and decided to document the process and share her journey. She was not an athlete in high school, couldn't do a single push-up and was truly a beginner in every definition of the word. With home workouts and determination she lost 65lbs+ without ever stepping foot in a gym. She documented the process on her Instagram account @keepgoingkat and in that process gained 50,000+ followers.

After making her transformation she became an NASM certified personal trainer and certified integrative nutrition coach. She built an online fitness community using the tags #keepgoingkat and #kgkfitsisters with thousands of members worldwide. Kat is passionate about helping as many people as possible find their fitness, and feel strong and empowered in their journey. Now Kat helps thousands of women around the world lose fat with her signature online training programs that can be done from anywhere.