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Kat Maisano

Transformation to trainer. Helping people around the world get in the best shape of their life, for life. 

I lost 65lbs from home using minimal equipment. As a Mom, Wife, personal trainer and business owner I understand how busy life can get. I started my journey 100% as a beginner. I couldn’t do a single push-up and had zero workout knowledge. If I can do it so can you.
— Kat Maisano

Complete Home Workout Guide

Kat's complete home workout guide. Packed with workouts that can be done from anywhere. Fast and effective workouts that require minimal equipment. Self led ebook that you can instantly download and start right away. 

Monthly Challenge Club

Join hundreds of women taking on Kat's monthly challenges. Providing weekly workout schedules and macros, incredible accountability and a community to cheer you on along the way. 

Train 1:1 Online

Fitness isn't one size fits all. Get workouts written specifically for you by Kat. Receive guidance and support for achieving your fitness goals. Get workouts that fit your busy lifestyle and check-ins for support along the way.