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Hi Gorgeous! My name is Kat Maisano. I lost 65lbs from home with quick effective workouts. Now I help busy women all over the world do the same. I am obsessed with dialing in personalized programs for busy women who are sick of the yo-yo diet cycle. I help women all over the world get in the best shape of their life for life. 


4 Week Fat Loss Challenge

Get the tools you need to transform

…without spending all day in the gym OR going on a crash diet.

Learn exactly how much to eat daily to achieve your goals paired with fast effective workouts. Get the accountability you need to stay consistent. 

Access a structured plan to achieving fat loss. All without having to step foot in a gym. 

Monthly Challenge  

Join the membership featuring weekly home workout blocks and a macro recommendation.

Access new workouts schedules each week featuring fast effective workouts you can do with a set of dumbbells, resistance bands and a yoga mat. 

Access new workout blocks each week that can be done anywhere. 

1:1 Online Training 

Fitness isn't one-size-fits-all. Get a custom workout and nutritional plan written specifically for you. Get one on one support and accountability. I offer full service online training to guide and support you through your transformation process. 

Stop struggling with plans that are not suitable for your lifestyle.

So many people quit or give up on their fitness journey because they are not looking at what is best for their lifestyle. Get the guidance and support to achieve your fitness goals.  You do have to sacrifice the food you love or spend hours in the gym to get in amazing shape. Get the experience of training 1:1 from anywhere in the world. 

Hundreds of women around the world are transforming their bodies with Kat's quick effective workouts and nutrition programs. 

Let's do this!

Get the accountability and motivation you need to transform. Book a discovery call with Kat to figure out the program best suited for you goals. Book a call>>>