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Kat Maisano

Transformation to trainer. Helping people around the world get in the best shape of their life, for life. 

I lost 65lbs from home using minimal equipment. As a Mom, Wife, personal trainer and business owner I understand how busy life can get. I started my journey 100% as a beginner. I couldn’t do a single push-up and had zero workout knowledge. If I can do it so can you.
— Kat Maisano

Ebooks & Courses 

Get fit from anywhere in the world with my unique style of training. You can get in amazing shape with minimal equipment. Start your fitness journey today with ebooks and courses you can begin right away. 

Online Training & Challenges

Get a plan written specifically for you by Kat or join a group challenge. Online training gives you the flexibility to train with Kat from anywhere on your own schedule. 

Train at Keep Going Studio

Train with Kat in La Verne, Ca at Keep Going Studio. A boutique training facility. Attend a fast paced group class or train 1:1 with a private training session.