Kat Maisano

Keep Going Kat



It has excellent nutritional guidance, a great workout plan, but most importantly it has an accountability factor that really holds you to it!
— Kaitlyn, Toronto
This is the perfect no gym required program. Enough said
— Ashley, California
Easy to follow workouts... such a supportive team of women who constantly encourage and push everyone to do their best!
— Kristi, California
“The workouts really work, but I feel anyone at any fitness level can do them. “
— Shannon, Ohio
I am so thankful for what you have helped me to accomplish already! A few days from now will be the one year mark for me with Kgk and I have seen immense changes in myself (mostly inward, but also physically!).
— Riley, Oregon


Diet's suck. I'm obsessed with showing women a better way. 

 Online Training 

Get workouts specifically written for you and your goals with accountability from a professional. Stay on track with weekly check ins. Each week Kat will check in with you to ensure you stay on track. You can contact her anytime for support via text, email or direct message. Learn more

Monthly Group Challenge 

Join an online group challenge and receive weekly workouts schedules and macros to keep you on track to achieve your goals. Enrollment opens two weeks out of every month. Learn More

4 Week Fat Loss Course 

Rapid fat loss program to reset your fitness journey. Get nutritional recommendations and check ins each week of the challenge. Access HIIT workouts and recipes for fat loss. Learn More

Inner Circle Collective

Bust plateaus and dial in a plan to get in the best shape of your life, for life. This exclusive online membership community provides accountability and support for you to transform. Access new gym and home workouts each week. Get coached by Kat in weekly video meetings. Create a foundation for fitness for life. Learn More