Breaking out of a funk. How to shake a negative cycle.

This episode I discuss how to get out of the funk and get a fresh start. If you are in a negative patter this is the episode for you. In personal development work we often focus on the positive talk and never on the negative. I recently attended Angie Lee’s Pays To Be Brave, a women’s empowerment conference. One of the speakers Jenna Ballard led us through a powerful exercise where we allowed the negative talk to flow. During her speech she showed us the difference between these two voices and I was blown away. I hope you enjoy this episode!

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How to begin a self love journey

Fake it until you make it. This even applies to #bodypositive. I wasn’t always comfortable in my skin. Even after losing 65+ my #selflove had to start from within. Which at first, required faking it. I practiced positive mantra even if it felt silly or unnatural. I wrote down things I loved about my body and pasted them on the mirror. I slowly replaced negative self talk with positive affirmations. Fake it until you make. it.

Getting the transformation | Transforming from within

"As soon as I pulled the focus away from how I looked and focused on what it could do everything changed" Listen to how I stopped caring what the scale was saying and got the transformation I always wanted. This episode touches on where I am now with not body positivity but neutrality. 

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Letting Go & Holding On | Self Improvement | Faking It Vs. Being

Start by listing three habit you want to let go of. Maybe these are lifelong or recent. Now list three recent habits you want to continue and highlight. Create a game plan and system to release habits in your life that are no longer serving you. Now create a game plan to implement your positive habits so they become a part of your regular routine.