BREAK UP WITH YOUR SCALE. The obsession with the scale is killing your progress

When it comes to starting a new weightloss journey the #1 thing you can do is STOP STRESSING ABOUT WHAT THE SCALE SAYS.⁣⁣
I know this may sound counterintuitive when most diet and fitness programs put their focus on that number going down. When in reality you can do major change to your body composition without seeing a significant weight change.⁣⁣
Your weight can fluctuate immensely overnight just with a few factors. This does NOT mean you gained weight over night. I have had clients lose several dress sizes without the scale budging at all.⁣⁣
Take it day by day and focus on challenging yourself athletically and consuming a balanced diet. Stay off the scale and remove the deadlines from your body.⁣⁣
Fitness myth: Muscle weighs more than fat⁣⁣
⁣⁣FALSE. ⁣⁣
‍♀️A pound is a pound is a pound—unless you’re defying the laws of physics. No substance weighs more then another one unless it actually weighs more.⁣⁣
Muscle doesn’t weigh more that fat (1lb=1lbs) The more muscle you have, the more fat your body will burn because it is active tissue. The difference is that fat is bulkier than muscle tissue and takes up more space under the skin.⁣⁣
Before you weigh yourself and have a freak or party!! I want to remind you that the scale is a dirty liar and doesn’t always reflect progress.
Your weight can fluctuate/ go up/ down because of a number of different elements.⁣

This is why I highly recommend taking measurements and photos at the beginning.

GIRL-- the scale doesn't tell the full story. I have had clients not lose a pound for weeks and have dress sizes fall off.⁣⁣ Ask yourself-- Do I feel better when I eat better? Do I feel better when I exercise? Do I feel better when I am hydrated?⁣⁣ If the answer is YES to any of this...WHY SHOULD THE MEASUREMENT OF YOUR MASS VS. THE WEIGHT OF GRAVITY MATTER?!⁣⁣
If the only reason you are making changes to your lifestyle is to lose weight on the scale you will be frustrated.⁣

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FAT LOSS SECRETS. The real deal on fat loss. What's the best diet?

Most people are perpetually searching for the “best” workout. The “best” diet. The “best” exercise. And, in the process, they try from program after program, diet after diet, workout after workout, cleanse after cleanse, supplement after supplement...but they rarely ever get to a point in which they’re truly happy with how they look.

They might see progress in the beginning - when they start something new - but before long they hit a plateau and lose motivation and rebound back to where they started (sometimes even further).

The truth?

It’s not sexy or marketable and I definitely can’t sell an ebook on it or get rich...but it’s the truth.

There is no such thing as the “best” workout or diet or exercise or program. It doesn’t exist.

Because...everything works. Everything. Low carb, high carb, paleo, vegan, organic, south beach, mediterranean, keto. Gymnastics, Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, spin, yoga, zumba, rock climbing, running.

It works. All of it works. They all have different benefits and accomplish different things...but they all work and can help you achieve your goals.

So what’s the secret to success if not finding the “best” workout or diet?

It’s finding what you love. Doing something you enjoy and get excited about. Because the real key to success lies in consistency of practice. And if the “best” program isn’t’s worthless.

Do what you love and never look back.

How to set a resolution that will stick. The steps to setting better goals.


No, I don’t mean to “lose 20lbs for Spring Break”. Dig deep. What is the real reason you want to get healthy? I “why” is being a Mom. I grew up with a Mother who was severely overweight. This led her to have extreme health issues. I decided when I became a Mom I wanted to be the healthiest I could for my son. This reason keeps me going even on the days I don’t want to. Knowing your “why” is a crucial first step. On the days you don’t feel like it, having a solid “why” will carry you through.


Instead of creating goals like “lose 20lbs for Spring Break”, make actionable goals. A goal like “3-5 workouts each week until May” will get you much farther than a goal that focuses on your weight. A goal without a plan is just a wish. If you want to be successful create a plan. Even a simple outline works. Get a journal and dedicate it to said goal. Use it to write monthly goals, jot down references and keep track of progress.


Whatever your goal may be track your progress along the way. Ever hear the saying "Once you see results it becomes an addiction? ". Write down your progress so you can see the changes happening. Progress pictures are a wonderful way to track fitness progress. It can be so motivating seeing the changes start to happen.


The thing I find most people are missing in their fitness regimen is accountability. Without someone to check in with, it can be easy to get off track. Tell people about your goals. The more the better. This will help you create a community to support you in your goals. Accountability is the key to success. Tell everyone about your plan and how you plan to achieve your goal. Once you talk the talk you are more likely to feel the need to walk the walk.


Making a major life change happens gradually. Allow yourself to be a beginner in whatever goal you take on. Slow progress, is progress. Has beating yourself, tearing yourself down or dwelling on the past ever got you to your goal? Take it day by day! It’s not about being perfect every day, but showing up daily.

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The daily practice that changed my life.

This simple (and free) daily practice changed my life. Gratitude is one of the most overlooked ways to transform your life. Every day when I wake up I write down three things I am grateful for. I started this practice in November of 2017. Before checking any notifications I write down 3-5 things I am grateful for.

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Breaking out of a funk. How to shake a negative cycle.

This episode I discuss how to get out of the funk and get a fresh start. If you are in a negative patter this is the episode for you. In personal development work we often focus on the positive talk and never on the negative. I recently attended Angie Lee’s Pays To Be Brave, a women’s empowerment conference. One of the speakers Jenna Ballard led us through a powerful exercise where we allowed the negative talk to flow. During her speech she showed us the difference between these two voices and I was blown away. I hope you enjoy this episode!

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5 Steps To Cultivating Self Love

5 Steps to cultivating self love

Why self love has been the most valuable part of my life transformation. I went from an overweight post partum bartender with zero self love to a 6 figure fitness brand. Listen to this episode if you are struggling with self love.

1. Decide you love yourself

2. Treat yourself the way you treat others

3. Create a process

4. If your body could talk what would it say? Stop and listen

5. Make it a daily routine

How to begin a self love journey

Fake it until you make it. This even applies to #bodypositive. I wasn’t always comfortable in my skin. Even after losing 65+ my #selflove had to start from within. Which at first, required faking it. I practiced positive mantra even if it felt silly or unnatural. I wrote down things I loved about my body and pasted them on the mirror. I slowly replaced negative self talk with positive affirmations. Fake it until you make. it.

Getting the transformation | Transforming from within

"As soon as I pulled the focus away from how I looked and focused on what it could do everything changed" Listen to how I stopped caring what the scale was saying and got the transformation I always wanted. This episode touches on where I am now with not body positivity but neutrality. 

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