Broke and still healthy

We all know it's true, healthy food can be pricey — especially if it's something hip and trendy like raw almond butter or cold pressed juices.  When I started my fitness journey we were super broke.  But, eating well and staying on a budget don't have to be mutually exclusive. The secret is to plan ahead and choose staples you can cook with all week long. These foods — like canned beans, for example — aren't necessarily flashy, but are still packed with nutrients.

Planning meals ahead of time will help you avoid eating out which can really break the bank. 




Here are some staples that are affordable and healthy:


Affordable staple food for its healthy dose of protein and iron to keep you energized and full. And costs around $2.50 per lb.


Pinto beans are an excellent source of protein and fiber.  This means they keep your muscles healthy and your stomach full, respectively. Costing around $2 per can


Chicken Breast:

As you probably know, chicken is full of protein, an important building block for strong bones and muscles. Costing around $3-$4 per lb. It is a great item to meal prep ahead of time for quick and easy meals. Dice and add to salads and wraps for on the go meals. 


Brown Rice: 

ot only is brown rice super nutritious, it’s also pretty easy to cook. Boil up a cup of brown rice to eat with chicken and spinach or broccoli to get your protein and vegetable serving for the day, too.


Another way to save is by shopping the sales. Buy fresh produce according to what is on sale or in season. Plan prep and pack your meals so eating healthy is as accessible as eating junk.