Best. Year. Ever.


Have you decided to make this your year? I know from personal experience it's 100% possible to completely change your life in a single calendar year. 

If you want to make a major life change you will need to do a little planning. A goal without a plan is just a wish. Take some time to really dial in your game plan for making your goals happen. 

Make Mini Goals

Start by setting a few mini goals that relate to your overall goal. Small switches in your daily routine can really add up to major progress. If your goal is to eat healthier then making a few mini goals like prepping healthy meals, packing snacks and planning dinners ahead of time can make that goal turn in to a reality. 

Track your progress.

Whatever your goal may be track your progress along the way. Ever hear the saying "Once you see results it becomes an addiction? ". Write down your progress so you can see the changes happening. Progress pictures are a wonderful way to track fitness progress. It can be so motivating seeing the changes start to happen. 

Allow yourself to be a beginner.

We all start somewhere. It's ok if it feels hard or awkward. Making a big change will require some adjusting. Give yourself time. If you are planting a garden from seeds, you wouldn't till it up after a few weeks. A root system must be established before you can bloom.