Why you should have a training split. And tips on creating one.

First off you might be asking, WTF is a 'training split'?

 If you have major fitness goals, the best way to achieve them is by creating a plan. Ever heard the saying -- a goal without a plan is just a wish? It applies to your health and fitness goals as well.

 A training split is basically a break down of what muscle groups to train each day for your ideal physique goals. 

While hitting the gym or doing any type workout is always a good idea-- But, making a set workout schedule has a number of benefits. Instead of training at random, a training split gives you an schedule of what muscle groups to train each day. 

Start by deciding how many days per week you can workout. Then split up your muscle groups and rest days accordingly. 

Is there a day or two a week you know the gym won't happen? BAM - there are your rest days. 

Leg day or any heavier lifting type of day that requires more rest between sets should be scheduled on a day that you will have the most time to execute your workout. You also will want to allow adequate rest between hitting muscles groups. So if you plan to hit leg today, give yourself a one to two days before training glutes. This will allow you to train more efficiently and will keep you from sacrifice performance and form. 


Benefits of a split:

1. Avoid overtraining 

If you hit the same muscle group over and over without allowing your muscles to heal you will actually hinder your results. Training your muscle groups evenly with allow each muscle group to rest. 

2. Balanced Physique

While aesthetic goals shouldn't be the only reason you workout, we all have goals. You will be able to build a well balanced body if you train your muscles specifically. 

3. Schedule Flexibility 

Can't fit a workout in today? With a training split you can easily switch up your workout. Use your rest day on the day you know a workout won't happen. 


Your training schedule won't be the same as mine, and it shouldn't be. Fitness in my opinion is all about making it work for you. Allow yourself to be a beginner and just go for it. When I first started working out I couldn't do a single push-up. Honor your starting place. It's ok if it feels awkward at first. Nailing a new skill takes guts. Pat yourself on the back for even beginning and trying.