What's Your Meal Prep Type?

Finding balance in a busy schedule can be simplified with three key steps. The Three P’s Method(Planning meals, preparing food and packing it for future use.) allows you to stay on track with healthy eating even when your schedule gets hectic.

It's no secret that meal prep is the number one way to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. When you take the time to plan and prep your meals you take the guess work out of eating right.


Are you a 9-5 warrior or a stay at home mom? The way you prep will be up to your lifestyle.

For the person on the go:
Do you consume the majority of your meals out of the house? Packing your meals ahead of time will keep you on track. Sit down once a week a look and your schedule. Determine how many meals you will need in and out of the house.

For the stay at home people: 
Having large batches of food prep will allow you to eat healthy without having to constantly cook. Make eating healthy accessible by having your meals prepped.

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Use the three "p's” are taught in my 4 Week Fat Loss Challenge. Plan, prep and pack your food to take the guesswork out of healthy eating. Make time 1-2 days per week to plan and shop for your dinners in advanced. This will take the guesswork out of dinnertime. Instead of dreading the “what's for dinner?” question you will have a solid game plan. Meal prep is the best way to stay on track with your nutrition goals.


Sit down and make a plan. Figure out what your menu will be for the week covering all of your meals in and out of the house. If you work out of the house 5 days per week you will need 5 lunches, 5 breakfasts and dinners planned ahead of time. Once per week write down your meal plan and all of the ingredients you will need and then shop accordingly Meal planning tip—I have a whiteboard in my kitchen that I use to plan the menu for the week. I write out our dinners and then the grocery list I need to make each recipe. This takes the guesswork out of dinners as the week goes on. Picky kids? Prep for them too! Having a large batch of pasta, chicken, and items your kids will actually eat prepped ahead of time makes life so much easier.


Now that you have your grocery haul it's time to get to work. You can decide if you want to prep your meals or keep it as food prep. The difference being with meal prep you would portion out each meal in a container opposed to having large batches of items made and ready to assemble into meals as the week goes on. The method you choose will be up to what works best for you.


As a general rule, prepped meals can last up to 4 days in the fridge, with some individual ingredients lasting up to 1 week. I recommend scheduling a weekly meal prep practice, ideally on a weekend. You can also prep during the week if you have the time for it. Make sure you are using quality containers that are airtight. Pack the meals that you will need out of the home, and have batches of prepped items for in-home meals.

Having food prepped ahead of time takes the guesswork out of healthy eating. If you have 90% of your meals planned or prepped staying on track is simple.

Your kitchen is the #1 tool you need to achieve your goals. Meal prep, planning and packing meals is key to staying on track and getting the results that you want.