"That time of the month" Workout Guide


This one is for the ladies....

I am often asked by clients and peers about my rule of thumb about workouts during " That time 

of the month". While menstruation can bring a host of ailments that may make a workout seem 

less than appealing there are many benefits to working out while on your period. Moderate 

exercise has been known to alleviate menstrual cramps. It also provides you with a cocktail of

feel good hormones that can soothe cramping. Here are my tips on " That time of the month" 


Start Slow

Warm up with stretching, foam rolling or walking on the treadmill. Ease in to your workout and give your body proper time to warm up. Light exercise will create blood flow and can help soothe cramping uterine muscles.Although you may feel more slugging endurance is minimally hindered by PMS symptoms. Don't skip the workout, just take it easy. 

Get Prepared

Your period generally comes knocking at the least convenient time. Keep your gym bag stocked with supplies so you aren't ever caught off guard. New U by Kotex® FITNESS Tampons come with a plastic FITPAK* This keeps my tampons clean, discreet and easy to carry. I also like to stock many liners and pads just in case. Having these items on hand keeps me covered even with an unexpected visits from Aunt Flow. 

Listen To You Body

Feeling low energy? Opt for a gentle yoga flow or swimming. There is nothing wrong with taking it easy from time to time especially when you are not feeling 100%. Instead of skipping your workout entirely opt for a lighter version of your normal routine. Stay in tune with your body. Remember while skipping a workout may be tempting the chances you will feel better after should be worth it. 


Remember you are so much stronger than you think! U by Kotex FITNESS can help you handle your period and still get a great workout in. Don't let your period get in the way of fitness and more. #FindYourFITNESS

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