5 things you should do before every workout

1. Check yo self 

Before you head in to your workout give yourself a little check up. Are you feeling sore from your last workout? Plan workouts accordingly so you can give it all you have got. Also training muscle groups evenly will help you avoid injury. Super stiff? Start with a dynamic warm up or foam rolling. 


2. Pump up the jams

Music has been proven to both boost your mood and bring you down. Skip the sad songs and put on something that will motivate you to put in work. 

3. Game plan

This ties in to tip #1. Go in to your workout with a plan of action in mind. Preplanning your workout will keep you from training aimlessly. Screenshot that workout from pinterest or write it in your workout journal. Then during your next 5am workout your sleepy self won't have to be figuring out exactly what circuits to do.


4. Invite a friend 

Workouts are always better with friends. Hit up your bestie and see if they want to hit the new pilates studio with you. When you have plans with a friend it can hold you accountable. Want to up your workout game? Pick a friend that is a bit more advanced than you are. This will push you to do more than ever, plus it will give you a chance to get the 411 from your fit friend. 

5. Fuel up. 

You body is like a car. It needs fuel in the tank to GO! Eating a small snack combining carbs and protein prior to your workout will energize you. Try a banana and peanut butter, a protein shake or even almonds and an apple.