ARM WORKOUT = Complete your physique

Upper body

Complete your physique. 

It’s not all about the buns! Don’t neglect the guns! Building your shoulders and back creates an hour glass figure and makes your waist appear smaller.


1 minute - Forearm Plank
10 Bird Dogs each side
20 Fire hydrants

3x10 bicep curls
3x10 Combo raises
Superset: 30 Shoulder taps

Repeat x3:
30 scissor kicks
10 Combo jacks
30 model abs

Repeat x3:
10 plank step out
10 Diver abs
5 knee to nose each side

Strength training = LEAN ARMS 

Try out these strength training moves to lean and tone your arms. Lifting heavy and building strength (Contrary to what some may believe) will not make your arms bulky. Try out some of my favorite strength building moves. 


Start with a weight that feels heavy but you can still complete your sets. Your shoulders are made up of three muscles and this moves trains all three deltoid muscles.


As soon as you complete your military presses move on to 20 reps of shoulder taps. A "superset" exhausts the same muscle group as the previous exercise. Perform with max exertion. 

Push- Ups

3x10 rest for 35-45 secs between sets. 

One of the #1 body weight moves for building upper body strength is Push-Ups. 

Can't do a push-up??

Practice performing your push-up against the wall or on a bench or couch Try the "plop method". Start at the top lower as far as you can then plop. Then work to push back up. This is better then putting your knees down, when knees are down it disengages your core. Doing the plop method allows you to develop the core strength. 
Your shoulders should be over your wrists. Focus on pinning elbows in, avoid elbows bowing out (no chicken wings). Start by performing 3x10 

Practice them 2-3 times per week then gradually move to a bench, then to the ground.