Stop dieting, Start Living.

Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it. 

I like many women, have battled body image issues. I would take on a workout routine because I felt hopeless and uncomfortable in my skin. It seemed like the only way I could find happiness was in a smaller dress size. Each year as winter turned to spring the pressure to look good for summer loomed. I felt as if the only way to achieve the body I so dearly desired was through workouts I loathed and restricting foods I loved. 

It's not surprising that diets fail. They suck. 

Take everything that you love and enjoy and put in on a big fat 'NO' list? Go do a workout you immediately feel like you are going to fail at? No thanks! There seems to be this all of nothing attitude in the fitness industry that sets people up to feel like a failure or like they are doing something wrong when they are just living life. 


Health doesn't mean restricting the foods you love. It's finding a balance. There are no "bad foods". There are however bad habits. All things in life should be in moderation. If you can fill your plate with nutrients as often as possible, move your body daily and take the time to rest adequately you are healthy. 

I now look at eating healthy and working out as a celebration on my body, my one vessel. How lucky am I to have the ability to move freely and eat the food I am privileged to?? 

If you shoot for 5 small meals a day 7 days per week that is 35 opportunities to get things right. Why stress a indulgent meal or two? This is where I find meal prep to be a key factor in my lifestyle. If my meals are planned and prepped for 80% of the week the times I am out and enjoying myself should be exactly that.

Stop dieting, Start living. 


Here are a few of my go to items to meal prep:

  1. Smoothie packs. Cut up fruit in small pieces and portion in to freezer bags. Make different flavor combinations for easy smoothies for breakfasts and snacks
  2. Turkey Quinoa Veggie Balls. Combine veggies, prepared quinoa and ground turkey and portion in to muffin tins and bake for easy grab and go meals.
  3. Roasted Sweet Potatoes. These are great for dipping in hummus and any time snacks
  4. Wash and cut veggies. I like to wash and chop zucchini and tomatoes to add to egg scrambles in the morning. Prep carrot sticks and cucumber slices for easy snacking
  5. Home made hummus. Because who doesn't love hummus? I used it for snacks, on sandwiches and on salads.
  6. Protein Waffles