Stay Motivated

You have set out to, eat right, train hard and take control of your life. When the feeling the of ambition takes hold RUN with that energy. Instead of sitting there pinning workouts and healthy recipes (GUILTY) Drop down and get your workout done. Use every opportunity of inspiration, and harness the energy from it. You have the power and capability to change your life if you just step up to the plate. There has been a running trend with a lot of my clients lately. They are so much stronger than they think. If you give yourself the chance to see just how strong you are you will be so amazed as to what you can achieve.

One morning I was walking back to my car after meeting a group of friends for an early workout. Reveling in the post workout glow, trying to slow my heart rate and laboring breath. I made eye contact with an older man walking his dog. I smiled politely, he called from a few yards away "what are you training for?". Immediately I blurted out "LIFE!". He looked at me with a confused glance and went on his way. How strange to him was the concept of being in the park during one of Southern California's hottest weeks of the year drenched in sweat without a specific goal in mind.

Your body is the one thing that is truly yours. It is your temple, your vehicle and your home. Just like a car it needs to be run, take your ride for a around the block. Same thing applies to nutrition. If you wouldn't fill your house with chemically processed garbage why wouldn't that apply to your body.

While goals and deadlines are proven to help keep one motivated, why not commit for life. Quick fixes don't lead to lasting results. Imagine what could happen if you committed yourself fully to a healthy lifestyle. Not just 30 days or a few months or to fit the white dress for the big day. For the rest of your life. You body deserves to be nourished.

It may not be easy.

Your heart is pounding out of your chest. You legs feel as if they might give out. Sweat is pouring from your brow. Your inner voice whispers "I don't think I can do this". Then what feels like an instant something incredible happens and you do something you have never done before. The moment that you push past can't is the moment you change. Challenge is what gives us the opportunity to change and without change progress is impossible. So many people quit before they have the opportunity to see what they are capable of. Yes, there will be times that you will fail. It is important to accept failure as part of the process. You have only truly failed if you quit. Take each failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.


1. Create goals on a monthly basis. Like doing more push-ups or stretching daily, or time off of your mile. Try to make them challenging to ensure progress.

2. Find a workout buddy! Plan to meet a friend for weekly workouts. It will hold you accountable.

3. Create a fit vision board. Grab some old magazines and cut out a dress or outfit you would like to wear as your new fit self. Put motivational quotes and workout goals. Put it somewhere you will see everyday like the bathroom or in your bedroom.

4.Take a new progress picture. Whenever I consider skipping a workout I snap a new progress photo. This will have you kicking it in to gear in no time.

5. Treat yourself! Buy some new workout gear or take a yoga class.