Starting fresh. How to get started on your fitness routine

It's happens. 

Sometimes starting fresh is necessary. When you are feeling off track, ready to start again or get that spark of motivation you have to run with it. 

But how? What is the best way to get started on your fitness journey? 


The most important thing you can do is make a game plan. Creating an outline for yourself on how to achieve a goal is what makes a huge difference in the long run. 

Start by writing down your goals somewhere you will see them multiple times per day. This will be a constant reminder of the intentions you have set for yourself.  

Set yourself up for success by creating a space to do your workouts. If you plan to workout from home designating a simple home workout space will make it easier to workout. If your weights and workout equipment are difficult to set up it will make it easier for you to say forget it and skip it.  

see my tips on putting together a home gym



Tracking your progress can be super motivating. Take progress photos and measurements regularly. This is the best way to track progress. Stay off the scale and focus on how your clothes are fitting and the strength you are gaining. Weight isn't an accurate way to track progress. As you lose fat and gain muscle your weight will flucate. Avoid the discouragement of the scale and just stay off of it. 



Stay challenged! If you feel like you are hitting a plateau it may be time to reevaluate your routine. Up the intensity of your workouts, add additional weight or change up your programming. You body will adapt over time so it is essential to stay challenged. 

Creating a workout prgram or hiring a trainer can be very helpful to make sure you are training at a level that will allow you to see continued progress.  


Stay accountable. If you want to see major progress on your fitness journey, having accountability is key. Find a workout buddy to motivate you or join a fitness group. Having people to hold you accountable to your goals is a game changer. You can do this simply by telling your family and friends about your fitness goal. Just putting it out there will help you follow through.