Six tips to slayyyyy your early morning workout

Not a morning person? I get it. Coming from the former snooze queen, it took some adjusting in my sleep schedule to become part of the #5amworkoutcrew 

1. Lay out your gear

Take the time to set out the items you will need for your workout. From your sock, trainers and leggings to your yoga mat and weight if you are sweating from home. It's hard enough waking up early, you won't want to dig for your gym outfit in the early hours of the morning. 

2. Get your beauty sleep 

While this one may seem obvious, go to bed earlier. The sooner you hit the sheets the easier it will be to get up for your goal crushing workout. tips for getting to bed sooner? Power down electronics- including your phone, (not off, just not in bed with you) 'Blue light' producing gadgets have been proven to disrupt your natural sleep cycle. 

Everyone has slightly different circadian rhythms, but the average length is 24 and one-quarter hours. The circadian rhythm of people who stay up late is slightly longer, while the rhythms of earlier birds fall short of 24 hours. Dr. Charles Czeisler of Harvard Medical School showed, in 1981, that daylight keeps a person's internal clock aligned with the environment. 

3. Meet a friend 

Plan to meet a friend for an early workout. You will be less likely to bail on your sweat session plans if you have a friend to hold you accountable. 

4. Pump the jams

Make a playlist ahead of time that will boost your mood and energy. Listening to your favorite songs will help wake you up. 

5. Warm Up

Start your workout with a light warm up ( jumping jacks, incline treadmill walking, or bike training) This will allow your sleepy muscles to wake up and increase blood flow. 

6. Game plan

Screen shot that workout you wanted to try or write out your weight training plan. Having your workout planned ahead of time will make training easier on your sleepy morning self. 

Go slay your morning workout gorgeous!