Plan Prep Pack



Once a week sit down and work out what meals you will need on the go and what you will be eating at home. Make a grocery list and stick to it so you have what you need for the week.


Once or twice a week take 30 min to prep your meals. It will save you time and money.


Look at your plan for the week and see what meals you need and pack accordingly. This will keep you on track with healthy eating.


The three "P's". Plan, prep and pack. These three steps are exactly what you need to stay on track with healthy eating. Now we have all seen those photos of meal prep with all five identical meals for the day all in tupperware. But let's be real, who wants to eat the same thing every meal? Plan out at the beginning of the week what meals you will need when you are out of the house and at home.  Prep and pack those meals and snacks accordingly. So if you work 5 days a week a have to be up and out of the door (which can lead to skipped meals) prep your breakfast, snacks and lunches for those days. Planning should also apply to treat meals. Instead of eating any and everything that comes your way, plan your treat meals ahead of time. Plan treat meals on your heavy training days when your metabolism is already at work. Stick with treat meals instead of cheat days. A whole day of poor eating can lead to falling off track for multiple days.

Pinpoint the times in your schedule that generally lead to falling off track. If its at the end of the day when you are too tired to cook. Use your crockpot so dinner is ready after work. Turkey chili is a great make ahead dinner. Prep parts of meals so cooking will be a breeze. If you must eat fast food try to pick items that aren't deep fried. Pre wash and chop veggies for salad of clean recipes. Cut up fruit to have as an easy snack. Cook chicken breasts that can easily be made in to salads and wraps. I like to keep the seasoning on my protein simple so it can easily be made in to different meals. Pack what you need for the week ahead of time so you can easily grab it on the way out the door.