No Equipment Leg Workout

Need a great leg workout that requires no equipment? You have come to the right place! Try out this killer workout that can be done anywhere. Start with the warm up and repeat it three times. Then set your timer for 7 minutes for each AMRAP. AMRAP stands for as many rounds as possible. Repeat the circuit as many times as you can during the 7 minutes. Tag @keepgoingkat on Instagram with your workout posts so I can cheer you on! 

Warm  Up:

  • 30 Butt Kicks
  • 20 Walking Lunges
  • 1 min wall sit


AMRAP #1 - 7 Minutes

  • 10 Barre Booty Each Leg
  • 10 Lateral Squats aka Side Step Squats each way

Three Point Calf Raises:3x10 Each Postion (1-2-3)

AMRAP #2 - 7 Minutes

  • 10 Pike Kicks Each Leg
  • 20 Sumo Calf Raises