Music is essential.

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Aftershokz Titanium Headphones

Music is essential.

There is nothing like a good sweat session to set the tone for the day set to fast paced music.

Music is essential for a great workout. I always pack my wireless headphones for the gym. I love to turn up my music and push hard for 35 min or so. There is nothing like a good sweat session to set the tone for the day set the tone for the day set to fast paced music. Create an upbeat playlist ahead of time that will keep you motivated for your workout. 

Wireless headphones have been a GAME CHANGER for my workouts. I wasted so much time untangling ear buds ands awkwardly holding my phone during workouts. 

The Aftershokz Titanium headphones are an innovative spin on your normal headphones. Instead of cancelling out the noise around you like a traditional earbud these headphones leave you open to the noise allowing you to be aware of your surroundings. These headphones use bone conduction to allow you to hear your music. They connect to your bluetooth on your smart phone to allow for easy use during workouts. 

Powered by bone conduction technology, Trekz Titanium sit on your cheekbones and deliver sound via mini vibrations to your inner ear, bypassing your eardrums completely. I liked being able to hear what was going on around me and having the awareness but still being able to clearly hear my music. 


A study showed that listening to music while working out can help regulate and maintain an exercise pace and regimen. The study was published in the journal Sports Medicine-Open in May of 2015. They found that the patients who used the music playlists with tempo-pace synchronization showed the greatest increase in their total physical activity of the three groups — pushing themselves to work out for an average of 261.1 more minutes than the other patients each week.

The connection between music and exercise go WAY back “You go all the way back to rowers on the Roman Galleys,” says Carl Foster, Ph.D., of the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, Exercise and Health Program. “The guy is sitting there beating on his drum and he drives the basic rhythm of the rowing. Part of that is coordination—you want the rowers to row together—but part of it is that people will naturally follow a tempo. It’s just something about the way our brains work." 


My workout playlists ranges from EDM to Hip Hop and Rap. I like a fast bpm that helps me keep my pace up throughout my workout. When I am performing long steady state cardio I prefer to Rock or 90's hip hop. 



Try setting the mood for your next workout with a great workout playlist!

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