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Meal prep by mail

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The following post is sponsored by Factor 75 through Fitfluential. While I was compensated to write a review, all thoughts and opinions of this service remain my own.  Make sure to scroll down for a special discount offer at the bottom. 

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The close of the holiday season and the trek in to the new year always feels like a blur. Wrapping up a season full of feasting and being over scheduled has definitely been putting a strain on my meal prep game. Generally I meal prep 2 times per week to make sure I have snacks and meals covered. Meal prep in my opinion is the number one way to stay on track. Make healthy eating as accessible as unhealthy. 

As a business owner, Mom and Wife life gets pretty hectic. I had the opportunity to try Factor 75 deliver meals. Over the last few weeks I have received weekly shipments. 

The Ordering & Delivery process

After a quick sign up process you will receive an email to select your meals for the week. Each their are a variety of options to choose from. It is very simple and straight forward. You can browse the nutritional facts for the meals. If you are tracking macros or calories this makes it very easy to pick meals that fit in with your goals. 

The meal are delivered on Wednesday each week in a large cooler box that is lined with styrofoam and packed with large gel cooler packs. Each meal is labeled with heating directions specific to the meal. 

My favorite Meals

The first thing I noticed about the meal were the quality ingredients used. The proteins are grass fed, organic or naturally raised. I was really excited to learn that aspect of Factor 75. I strive to keep my meals as as organic or unprocessed as possible. My favorite meals were the Mongolian Beef and Broccoli, Butternut Squash lasagna and Factor 75 Burger. 

The meals are incredibly simple to reheat. Depending on the meal you choose there is some variety in the heating process. I like to take the meals out of the to go container and plate them. This makes al the difference in the food feeling less like take out and more like the gourmet meal that it is. 


The cost

The cost of Factor 75 meals is comparable to high end take out (minus the tip and drive to pick up and time to park) I found having meals ready to go kept me from eating whatever snack in sight or hitting up my local burrito spot. The quality of the meals is much better than what you would buy as take out for them same price.

  • 6 Meals a Week is $77 ($12.83 per meal)
  • 8 Meals a Week is $99 ($12.58 per meal)
  • 12 Meals a Week is $138 ($11.50 per meal)
  • 18 Meals a Week is $198 ($11 per meal)

Do you think Meal delivery could be a game changer for you and eating for your goals? Try it out here:

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