How to lose fat without a diet.

It’s true. 

You don’t have to be restrictive, cut carbs or give up the foods you love in order to lose fat and see progress.  

The truth is.... diets don’t work.  

“How many calories are in thisi?”

“Ahh, I can’t eat carbs.”

“I was so bad with my eating today.”

“Once I lose the weight, then I’ll __________ (fill in the blank)”

Dieting can actually lead to weight gain. 

 Research has shown that there are biological mechanism that can trigger weight gain from dieting. The cells in our bodies do not realize that we are restricting calories because we are trying to lose weight, they only know that they are in a state of famine and need to find a way to survive.

In order to help us survive, our cells slow down metabolism and cannibalize its own muscle. This means that the body uses the muscle to burn as fuel because it so desperately needs energy which means when we are restricting calories to lose fat, we may actually be losing muscle.

The truth is our body wants to keep us alive and thriving so the best thing we can do for our bodies is to get reconnected to its innate wisdom.



What’s the difference between a cheat and a treat? PLANNING. Plan your indulgences so you can have something you really want. Say no to stale doughnuts at the office so you can treat yourself to chocolate souffle at date night.  Plan to keep the meals leading up to girls night light and lean so you don't have to think twice about a few chips and a margarita. Coincide your hardest workout with a night you plan to treat yourself. Your metabolism will already be at work


Up your GPA

The average American has around 21 meals in a week. If you eat like me that is doubled because I stick to 6-7 small meals a day. So that gives you between 21 and 42 opportunities to eat your way to your goals. Each and every meal is a chance to nourish your body and take a step closer to your goal. Look at your meals like a grade system. If you feel like the day has slipped to a B-/C... UP your average. Make the rest of the day better. Just because you have one bad meal doesn't mean the whole day goes down the garbage.

Make conscious eating a habit.

When a craving strikes stop yourself before saying yes and ask yourself: "Am I really hungry?, "Will this food nourish my body and serve my goal?".

If the answer is yes go for it! If the answer is no, then move on. Learning to differentiate real hunger from bored cravings in important. Try to listen to your body.


Find food that feel like indulgences

Healthy food doesn't have to suck. Find healthy foods that are satisfying and that won't throw you off track. Dark chocolate, hearty chili and thin crust pizza are some of my favorite foods that feel like treats but aren't unhealthy at all.

Prep your meals. 

Have healthy foods accessible and ready to eat. Prep the majority of your meal 1-2 times per week. When you have the right choices in your fridge you will eat well. Shop only for the foods you need to prep. Having healthy meal prep on hand is the #1 way to stay on track during the week. 

Keep temptations out.  

Cant stop after one Cheeto? Maybe it’s best to leave them in the store. Keep tempting items out of the house. If you want to treat yourself go it of it and have a single serve portion. Ice obsessed? Avoid the “oops I ate the whole pint” and stick to a scoop in the shop,  

So what works?

If your goal is to lose fat, you would be in a caloric deficit. If you goal is to muscle you need to be in a caloric surplus. This basically means you are eating 10-15% less than your body needs to sustain itself. When you track macros you are able to adjust your intake while still having the foods you enjoy. 

I’m OBSESSED with helping women get in the best shape of their life, for life. 

🍺 You don’t have to give up your favorite things in order to see progress.

So often as a personal trainer I hear about all the things people feel like they have to give up in order to achieve their goals. 

“But KAAAAAAT, I love pizza and beer”

“I don’t want to stop eating dairy”

“ I love carbs”

"Same girl, same." 

Let’s be real. It’s probably more about what you need to add in. More fresh fruits and veggies. More activity. More water.More sleep. More self care. When it comes to making progress it’s more about what you can add, and less about what you have to cut out. 

Most diets fail miserably because people try to cut out everything the love instead of adding in more healthy things they love.

Learn how I am helping hundreds of women lose fat without cutting carbs.