LA Fitexpo 2017


I came, I snacked, and I blogged. 2017 marks my third year at the Fitexpo. Each year I leave inspired, motivated and with loads of sample and snacks from the latest and greatest in the fitness industry. 

I told my husband as we walked up to the LA convention center at about noon on saturday "This is like coachella for fitness people".

Upon entering the doors the energy is palpable. You are immediately surrounded by some of the fittest people in the world. You are met with rows upon rows of booths representing pretty much every type of fitness imaginable. 


The place was packed. There are tons of fitness celebrities so meet and greets seem are a popular thing for spectators who come in by the thousands. I had a game plan for some of the booths I wanted to visit so we hit those early on to avoid the growing crowd in the evening. 

I was really excited to check in with my supplement sponsor Stance and meet the hilarious and inspiring Jen Howard aka hunnybunsfit

She cracks me up with her funny youtube videos. This girl boss and gym owner is a real inspo! 

I was able to sample her brand new line for Stance Supplements and it was delicious! This line will be releasing in February on Stance Supplements. 

She was incredibly down to earth and sweet. If you aren't following her I highly recommend checking out her feed. 








The crowds we definitely more mellow on Sunday. This gave me the opportunity to really talk to brands about their products for future giveaways and blog features. 

I stopped and watched Massy Arias Instagram star and Mommy to be discussing nutrition to a small intimate group Q&A style. She laid down some knowledge on fueling your workouts, her high fight diet and how she avoids starches 2 hours before bed. 

As we wove up and down the isles of the expo I notice The Booty queen herself Amanda Latona. This seasoned Bikini pro has 15+ years of training under her belt and now has her own apparel line Booty Queen Apparel

 I had to gather my composure.

(This chick was one of my first IG inspirations. Her videos and techniques have helped shape the way I train. )

Once I mustered up the courage I approached her. The queen herself. Yes, I bowed. 

She took the time to give me some amazing advice about resistance bands. She says when it comes to booty building "It's all about time under tension, you have to keep the blood flowing".  I went on to tell her she was my Booty idol and we hugged like three times. DAY MADE. 



Expo Highlights:

  • Meeting Amanda Latona
  • Watching Massy Arias Speak
  • Real Good Pizza

The name says it all. I smelled the delicious pizza smell wafting over the expo and beelined. This young and up and coming brand is making quite the splash. The line was popping to sample their better for you pizza. Two Thumbs up. 

Check out the Fitexpo in a city near you! Every year I leave motivated to take my fitness to the next level and with arm loads of amazing samples.