Kick The Post-Holiday Blues

After the whirlwind of the holiday season, more cookies than you can probably count and a few too many glasses of wine the post holiday hang over can feel like it lasts way in to January. How can you kick the post holiday blues and avoid the downward spiral? 

1. Get on your water intake 

During the warmer months it's much easier to down the H20. Check your hydration and make sure you are drinking enough water. Shoot for 1/2 your weight in ounces daily (200lbs=100oz)

2. Start moving

Are you in hibernation mode? Being overly sedentary can really blow your energy level. Even a quick workout can really boost your energy level. Try a quick workout video or, go on a walk. You will definitely come out feeling more energized. 

3. Fresh First

Make sure you are eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating a diet that consists of too many processed foods will have you dragging. Add leafy greens to your lunch or start your day with a fresh fruit smoothie. 

4. Play outside 

It;s amazing what some sunshine and fresh air can do. Get outside weather it's a park workout, a hike with friends or a walk around the block. Studies have show that outdoor exercise for even just five minutes can boost overall mood.