Why your New Year resolution should start now:

Why is it that we make a habit of waiting?

Waiting to start on Monday, or for the weekend. When you get that big promotion, or when there is “more time”. And the most famous of all and every gym rats pine of existence, the new years resolution crowd.

It takes about 30+ days to make a habit. Why not just start now?

Dive in head first! Start with small changes in your daily routine. In order to make major changes in ones life you must start looking at what you do day to day. Progress will only happen if you change something you do habitually.

It can be small such as, a walk after dinner, more water or eating out less. Small changes lead to major progress.

People make a habit of using what I call “landmark events” to get fit. A friends’ wedding, vacation or reunion. Instead of focusing on making overall lifestyle changes. Focus on something you can maintain in the long haul. Not just for the time being. Generally when people use “land mark events” they tend to back slide even further than where they started because the routine isn’t manageable. Strive for finding fitness routine you enjoy. If you workout is something you look forward to rather than loathe you are more likely to continue it.

So how can you jump in while setting yourself up for success? Start with small goals. Small enough that you are able to accomplish while still being challenged. They can be fitness, family or even food related. My goals for December:

Running Maude (my super active german shepard) twice-three times a week

Drinking more water daily (half of my body weight in ounces to be exact)

Practicing Yoga Daily

Start a journal dedicated to healthy goals, meal planning and food logging. Its a great tool to stay on track. I also like looking back at my food log for ideas when I am lacking creativity.

Also telling your family and friends about your goals is a great way to stay accountable and on track. Sharing my progress on Instagram was one of the most motivating things I did in my journey.

Start living your new year now. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see reults.