You can't build the booty you want by sitting on it ;-) Roll out your yoga mat and try this no gym required booty workouts that can be done anywhere. NO EXCUSES. 

The key to booty building? Warming up the glutes, making sure they are engaged and building the muscles with weight training. In addition to the workouts below compound exercises like squats are very helpful in building the booty. 


Warm up with 3-5 rounds of this stair drill. 

  • 30 Toe Taps 
  • 3 Jumping Jacks each stair
  • Bunny Hops 
  • 10 Box jumps
  • Frog Jumps ( skipping a step)
  • Side Step Shuffle 
  • Lunge Kicks 

Engage the booty 

Perform 30 side step squats to get your glutes engaged. For an added challenge hold a set of dumbbells. 


  • 3o Reps 




Grab your weights 

Grab a weight that feels heavy but you can still perform all of the reps and sets. 

  • 3x10 Straight Leg Dead Lifts