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I hated working out.

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Working out can be uncomfortable. I get it. 

I was not naturally athletic. I was a musical theater kid.

When I would be asked to play softball at our annual family Easter picnic I would make my way to the outfield hoping no balls would come my way. I figured out that in my very large family no one noticed that I never went to bat. But simply made my way down the line chatting and allowing my cousins to "cut ahead". I played one season of soccer. My parents came to my games and realized quickly that the other 9 year olds who had been playing since they learned to walk were steadily kicking my awkward ass.

Come my late teens early 20's I was the clueless crash-diet queen. I would hit the cardio machine and go on a juice fast a few weeks before Coachella and hope for the best. 

Workouts - were not ever my thing. I would hop on the elliptical for 25 mins at a steady pace and call it a day. I thought lifting weights would result in a bulky physique. 

So, how did this lead me to becoming a personal trainer, fitness blogger and influencer? 

After having my son I started doing research about working out. I quickly learned everything I thought I knew was wrong. I started to implement HIIT cardio and weight training. As the weight fell off I started sharing my story. 

I wanted to bridge that gap and start to separate the "Fitness Industry" from what I was doing which felt like a real life thing. We need to exercise in order to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. The rest is really up to you.  My workouts were done entirely from home the first two+ years. I didn't step foot in to a gym until after becoming a certified trainer and losing 65lbs. The foundation of my fitness journey was based on doing workouts I adapted from home that I actually enjoyed. I gained confidence and strength with some privacy. I laughed when I fell, groaned and sweat without a care in the world. 

My inspiration to begin my fitness journey yet again came from having my first and only child. I gained a whopping 65lbs during my pregnancy and my body changed drastically. My first trip to the store alone carrying my son in his carseat was a rude awakening. 

I thought " shit, he is only going to get bigger. I have to get stronger". 

At the time I probably would have told you my main motivation for working was to lose the baby weight. In hindsight the continued motivation came from the strength I was gaining and how it was positively affecting my postpartum experience. 

I gained more energy, I felt less stressed and had more patience overall. 

Although the workouts were difficult and had me sweating like a pig it was my "me" time. I was taking this small amount of time every day to invest myself and was seeing progress that was so much more than physical. I started to feel like myself again which seemed so far away in early motherhood. 

The less I focused on my physical goals and the more I reaped the mental goals I was hooked. Every workout left me feeling happier. The stronger I got and as my endurance improved I started to enjoy my workouts. The post workout buzz kept me coming back for more and more. 

Prior to this weightloss experience I was so caught up on the scale I couldn't see all of the wonderful non physical benefits of exercise. It was solely about looking a certain way and being a certain number on the scale. 

I didn't like working out, not when I was young, not when I started again post partum and truthfully their are days I don't "feel like it" now. I had to allow myself to be a beginner. Continue, even when it is hard. Remember we all start somewhere, Honor your starting point. Do what you can with what you have. KEEP GOING!