Grow your booty (with or without a gym)

When it comes to growing your glutes there is a science.

Silly? But true! Stop taking on the Pinterest squat challenge and focus on growing your booty the smart way.





Proper activation is KEY to booty growth. I suggest spending 5-10 minutes prior to a booty workout just on glute activation. Spending an adequate amount of time getting your glutes firing before your workout is key. If you tend to feel leg and booty exercises mostly in your quads and hamstrings chances are your tush is not doing any of the work. 


Dead butt syndrome is a real thing. When our glutes aren’t active, we also run the risk of injury because other muscles, that really can’t handle the load, take over. Do you have “dead butt syndrome”? I know it sounds silly but it’s a condition that is real. The technical name is gluteus medius tendinosis — an inflammation of the tendons in the gluteus medius, one of three large muscles that make up the butt. It can be associated with hip pain, and lack of recruitment from the glutes during lower body exercises. Taking the time to activate your glutes and strengthen them is key for a healthy physique overall. Developing glutes isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. People who sit long hours at a desk and those with long driving commutes often develop dead butt syndrome.


Whether you are working out at home or in the gym loop resistance bands are an amazing tool for building your booty. Use resistance bands before, during and after your workout for added resistance. Bands are amazing because you can take them anywhere. Going on vacation? Bring your bands! To the gym? Bring them! Working out from home?! A Must HAVE! 


When it comes to glue growth eating enough is key. Your glutes are the largest muscle in your body. In order for your muscles to grow you will need to be in a caloric surplus. Meaning you will need to be eating more calories than you burn off daily. If you are hardcore dieting and consistently in a caloric deficit your booty will not have what it needs to grow. Getting an adequate amount of protein is key. 


Training glutes frequently is key for growth. If you want a muscle to grow learning how to train properly and frequently is extremely important. Training too often can actually cause the muscle to decrease. Pumpers, stretchers are activators are essential for booty grow. Stretchers need 3-4 days between workouts, Activators need 2-3 to recover while pumpers need 1-2 days. 


Examples include weighted squats, deadlifts and lunges. 


Example include bodyweight squats, resistance band glute bridges and resistance band side steps. 


Examples include weighted hip thrusts and glute bridges, cable pull throughs and cable kickbacks.

Image c/o Stijn van Willigen

Image c/o Stijn van Willigen


The hip thrust was created by the KING of booty building Bret Contreras. Hip thrusts can be done from home or in the gym. 

You can start with weighted glue bridges , perform them on a box or the edge of your coach, on a bench in the gym ect. 

Begin the movement by driving through your feet, extending your hips vertically through the bar. Your weight should be supported by your shoulder blades and your feet. Extend as far as possible, then reverse the motion to return to the starting position.