Sunday Game Plan

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What's your gameplan girl!!?

If you want to be the ulitmate #girlboss you will need to do a little prep. Take today to plan, prep and pack your meals for the week. Sunday is the perfect day to give yourself a little game plan on how to tackle whatever the week throws at you.

Give yourself a little constructive feedback:

How many workouts did you get done?

What meals did you fall off track?

Pinpoint the moments where you have have had little road blocks and make a gameplan to handle everything the week throws at you.

1️⃣Schedule your workouts like important meetings with your boss, YOU are the boss. Bosses don’t cancel. Put them in your calendar as appointments with yourself. 

2️⃣Plan and pack your healthy meals for the next few days. Consider healthy breakfast options, snacks and dinners for busy weekend nights. It can be as simple as writing out the menu or a full on meal prep. 

3️⃣Declutter your space and go in to the week with a clear head. Wash your workout gear and lay out your outfit. 

4️⃣Write out your goals and intentions for the week and post it somewhere you will see them daily. 

5️⃣ Take some time for yourself to quiet your mind, smile, and center yourself for a busy week ahead.

Break it down:


Hard Boil 6 eggs

Make smoothie packs by cutting fruit and freezing them

Make frittata cups

Pre grill your proteins for the week 

Wash and cut carrots and celery


Put your workouts in your phone and set reminders like important meetings with yourself

Set out your workout clothes for your early workouts

Make a workout date plan with your friends


Use the 3 ps! Plan, prep and pack your meals

Lay out your workout clothes the night before

Write out your workout or screenshot it in your phone.