Prep yo-self

Life gets hectic. When the craziness of the weeks kicks off it is important to have meals and food ready to go. Busy schedules can make it easy to fall of track. 



Eating healthy seems simple enough. Get enough protein, eat your vegetables, load up on leafy greens and snack on fruit. But how many of us aren't getting the right balance of foods we need? I hear from so many people that their number one struggle with getting fit revolves around not eating healthy meals. 

Meal Planning is the number one way to ensure you are going to eat healthy and stay on track. Spending just a few minutes a week planning out your menu is a game changer. 

Start by figuring out how many meals you will be eating in and out of the house. Account for snacks an breakfasts every day. Decide if you will prep and portion out meals or make large batches of items. 

Spend an hour or so 1-2 times per week meal prepping for the next few days. Here is my go to meal prep:

Prep for Breakfast

  • Protein Pancakes or Waffles 
  • Egg Muffins 
  • Cut Fruit 


  • 6 Hard Boiled Eggs 
  • Grilled Chicken 
  • Turkey Meat Balls 


  • Roasted Veggies 
  • Rice 
  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes 
  • Black Bean Corn Salad
  • Italian White Bean Salad 


  • Chicken Skewers + Rice 
  • Turkey Meatloaf + Roasted Sweet Potato 
  • Grilled Chicken + Black Bean Corn Salad 
  • Turkey Meatballs + Italian Bean Salad 


  • Healthier Brownies 
  • Smoothie Packs

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