Making Fitness 'fit' In Motherhood.

As a business owner, wife and mother I understand that getting to the gym can be tough with busy schedules. When I first began my weight loss journey I could not afford a gym pass, plus I didn't have anyone to baby sit my newborn son. Home workouts were born out of necessity. 

The first piece of advice I can give you, especially if you are a parent. Give yourself grace. Home workouts will be subject to the elements and distractions of real life and motherhood. And that is okay. Focus on doing what you can and celebrate the fact that you are taking actions towards your goal. 

If you can schedule your workouts when you will have the least amount of distractions OR plan to incorporate your children in some way. Does your child tend to take a morning nap? Do you workout as soon as they fall asleep. If naps are a thing of the past-- take them to the park and workout while they play. 

Making active play a part of life is a great way to teach your child about a healthy lifestyle while leading by example. 

There are definitely days that I want to get a structured workout in at home. I will do this while my son plays in his sandbox or is watching his favorite cartoon. I keep home workouts within 25-35 min and focus on HIIT or yoga. 9 times out of 10 I am interrupted in some way. But that is life. What is motherhood without cute interruptions? 

Now that Rocco is older and fitness it my career I take "Me" time to go to the gym. While some Moms choose to do other leisure things with their free time, this is what I enjoy. I know to some doing a leg day during their only kid free times sounds like the last thing they would want to do.  Don't compare yourself to others. Do what makes you happy. This is what makes me happy. 

There are some weeks I may only get 2-3 structured workouts in. Other weeks I get 5-6. The most important thing I focus on is being active daily. Whether it's playing outside, walking the dogs or taking a family hike. I strive to be active in some way every day. 

Focus on being active and healthy. Fitness isn't about being hardcore. It's about living a happy and healthy life. Find balance and fit fitness in where it feels good.