Fit Mom Schedule

I have been reflecting on the early days of my weightloss journey. I get lot's of questions about how I juggled being a breastfeeding mom and getting back in to shape. Time management is key along with Meal prep.

As a breast feeding Mom, business owner and wife, getting to the gym is nearly impossible. Especially early on after my son was born. Out of necessity I started putting together a home gym so I could workout while my newborn took naps. At first I started with no equipment at all. I would nurse my son, lay him down for his morning nap and get right to my workout. I found that the days I put my workout off until later in the day, was generally the day it didn't happen.

My schedule early on was as followed:

6am wake up-Wake up put on workout clothes.

Meal 1-Coffee, ezekiel toast with avocado

7am-8:30- Tummy time/playtime

9am-10am Nurse to sleep and lay baby down for a nap.

10am-10:30- HIIT workout in my living room

15 Jumping Jacks

25 Mountain Climbers

10 Squats


1 min wall sit

1 min plank

3x20 walking lunges


11:00-Meal 2- 1 scrambled egg + 3 whites, & Fruit

11:30-12:30 Baby wakes up, feeding, play time

1:00-1:30 30 min Stroller Interval walk (3 min brisk pace, 2 min relaxed pace, repeat for 30 min)

2:00 Lunch for Mommy- 4oz Meal prep Chicken breast, 1 cup mixed greens, 1/2 avocado, chopped tomatoes, 1/2 large sweet potato.

2:15-3:30 Baby feeding, playtime, lay down for 2nd nap

3:30- Snack Edamame+ 2 rice cakes

3:30-4:30- Chores/Mommy down time ( I know this sounds conflicting but any new mom will understand)

5:30-6:30 Make dinner. Tilapia, quinoa, roasted vegetables.

6:30-8:30- Family time, bed time routine

9:00- Protein Shake

10pm- Bed time

Rocco at 3 weeks old  

Rocco at 3 weeks old