Facing Insecurities.


In 2013 I lost 65lbs after having my son. I lost the weight fairly quickly and overall was ecstatic to see the progress I was making. The down side of using the fat so quickly was the drastic fat loss in not just my body all over (because who doesn't want that?) but in my face!  Losing facial fat makes your face appear concave and deflated. You end up with under-eye hollows because of the loss of the fat pads under the eyes. 

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As I lost more weight, I started noticing dark circles had formed under my eyes. I assumed the combination sleepless nights that came with motherhood.


Being almost 30 this was a natural part of the process. Along side my weight coming down, my social media following went up. In 4 years my following grew from zero to a combined 60,000. As a blogger, occasional fitness model and online trainer I am on camera A LOT.  I tried under eye concealers and highlighters but nothing seemed to lessen the concave dark circles that had formed under my eyes. 

I decided to get a consultation at a new medical cosmetic spa that opened in my hometown. HEBE provides injectables, facial and laser services out of their adorable office in Claremont.

HEBE is owned and operated by Nicole Smith PA. Nicole has 13 years of experience as an advanced injector, she is a Physician Assistant and advanced cosmetic injector and skin care expert.

After our consultation process she recommended I use an hyaluronic based injection in my under eyes and cheeks. I also decided to enhance my lips very and asked do a subtle change.

The products used were Restylane Defyne and Restylane Lyft. These products are used to correct volume loss caused by shrinking fat pads in the face. This can plump hollow eyes and flat cheeks. 


The entire process took about 35 minutes. Before beginning the injections numbing cream was applied to the areas that would be injected. After 15 minutes or so she began the procedure. The injections are quick and painless. After she completed the injections I spent a few minutes icing in office, then was instructed to do so for the evening on and off. I experienced minor swelling for 3 days or so after. 

Overall I am extremely happy with the results! The photo on the right was taken four days after so I was still minorly swollen, but nothing severve. My under eye circles have completely gone away and my cheeks feel full again.  


I would absolutely recommend you find an experienced injector and do lots of research prior to committing to any type of cosmetic procedure. I full trusted Nicole which made the process comfortable and positive. 



354 West Foothill Blvd. Claremont ca 91711