Healthy eating should be simple. Eat whole foods that are minimally processed from quality sources. Clean eating is a term that is getting thrown around in the health and fitness industry. But, what exactly is " Clean Eating".
While there are many interpretations of what this terms means, I like to break it down simply.  If is is manufactured in a plant, don't eat it. If it was made BY a plant eat it!
Avoid processed packed foods. Now of course when you buy meats and eggs they come packaged in some way. So that is where the rule of going for unprocessed foods comes in to play.
When you are shopping at the grocery store you may notice that the center isles are filled with packaged food products and the outside perimeter is where you will find protein and produce. When shopping stick to those sections.

Let's Break it down

Read the labels!

When purchasing any packaged food read the labels. Sugar, preservatives, artificial flavorings and sweeteners are added to dressings, sauces, and soups. Avoid getting extras in items by making these items from scratch. (This will also save you money)

Look for sneaky sugar

This goes along with reading labels. There are lot's of ingredients that don't say sugar out right but that is exactly what it is. These "sugars" are added to so many products that you would never expect. Sneaky sugars hide in places you'd never suspect, including whole foods, diet foods, packaged fruit, drinks, and dressings. Stevia in the Raw packets, which sound perfectly healthy, contain dextrose (sugar) as its first ingredient.

Keep it simple

While super fancy smoothie bowls, complicated "clean" desserts and over flowing layered protein shakes may seem enticing they can be a pain. Keep meals simple. Combine lean protein, complex carbs and leafy greens at meals. It doesn't need to be beautiful and pinterest worthy.

Plan, Prep, Pack

Clean eating doesn't have to be complicated but it does however take some planning. Spend some times once or twice a week planning a prepping for the week. Make a clean grocery list and stick with it in the store. The less off track foods in your house, the less temptation.

Give yourself time

I have had lot's of clients complain about not liking the taste of healthy foods. When your taste buds are accustomed to over salted artificially flavored foods it may be hard to adjust at first. Trust that your taste buds will adjust with time if you are consistent.