Busting Plateaus

Feeling stuck? Here are some tips to help you bust through plateaus for continued steady progress. Remember, change doesn't happen over night. You have to be consistent with working out and nutrition in order to achieve major results. Every day is an opportunity to improve. Stop putting deadlines on your body and focus on creating maintainable lifelong changes. Don't waste time beating yourself up for your mistakes and start to learn from those lessons.  Progress happens when you do it on the days you don't feel like it. Only you can make it happen. So follow through for yourself.

Left June 2013, Center June 2014, Right June 2015

Left June 2013, Center June 2014, Right June 2015


Switch things up

If you find you have come to a stall in progress try changing things up a bit. Add in a new workouts class or see a personal trainer one day a week. Keeping things fresh will help you avoid boredom. Using the same size weights? Try increasing the resistance.

Push harder

Up the intensity so continue seeing progress. Remember the first workout you did and how intense it felt? Push for that same level of intensity with every workout. If you aren't already, add resistance training in to your routine. Lifting weight will help you burn more fat quickly.

Eat more

 Yes, eating more can actually help speed up your metabolism. I don't mean an extra trip in the drive through. Eating a diet high in lean protein, fresh vegetables and complex carbs will aid your progress. Cutting calories will old send your body the signal to slow down your metabolism. 


Give high intensity interval training a try! HIIT training alternates bursts of intensity with short periods of rest.  Its all about tough, quick, intense bursts of exercise followed by short, sometimes active recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.


 Having professional guidance can be key to achieving long term fitness goal. Hire a trainer to give you a safe and effective plan to achieve your goals. When your basement floods you call a plumber who has been trained, has the tools and experience to fix your problem. A trainer can do exactly that for your lifestyle change.




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