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The best thing you can do when committing to a new fitness regimen is to be consistent and focus on Athletics over aesthetics.


In my opinion the number one reason people give up fitness routines is because they are overly focused on weight loss. While losing weight and "toning up" is generally the main motivation for wanting to get started in the first place it may be the thing holding you back.  

My advice-- focus more on how you feel then how you look. Are you getting stronger? Feeling more energized? Experiencing a mood boost or better sleep? Adding in healthy habits to your lifestyle has a host of benefits aside from how you look as a result. Living a healthy lifestyle that includes workouts and balanced nutrition can also help prevent heart disease. The leading cause of death for women in the United States. 


Scales can be frustrating. As you gain muscle mass you can see a fluctuation in weight... gasp... weight GAIN even. While you might be thinking that gaining weight is the OPPOSITE of what your goal is. This can be a natural process of adding more muscle mass to your body. The more muscle mass you acquire you body can then burn more fat. This can then result in the loss of inches.  

Unfortunatly most people take weight gain as a sign of failure. It can be frustrating to see the scale going up when your goal is lose. To avoid the emotional roller coaster that the scale can unleash, take measurements and progress photos. 


Instead of only focusing on how your body is improving aesthetically start to track your athletic progress. Every few weeks note how long you can hold a forearm plan. Then check back to see how you have improved. Make athletic goals that will motivate you to stay challenged. If you are challenging yourself daily you will see progress. Also tracking progress helps you avoid plateaus. Write down the reps and weight you are using and gruadully increase your intensity to ensure continued progress.  

I also want to remind you that being a certain size won't make you a happier person. Taking great care of yourself will. It's hard to feel bad about a

body you are taking great care of.