Natural Products Expo 2017


As a health and fitness blogger I make it a priority to attend as many events and expos as I can in my field. Expos are a wonderful way to connect with brands and see the latest and greatest in the industry. 


The Natural Products expo takes place at the Anaheim convention center as well at the Hilton and the Marriot. This huge conventions hosts thousands of brands ranging from green beauty, snack food, wholesale products and more.

Upon arriving I was struck by just how large this expo was in comparison to other expos I have recently attended. The amount of vendors being represented is truly impressive. Each vendor displays their line of products hoping to intise retailers.



If you plan to attend, pack a bag. The amount of samples I received quickly filled the backpack I brought. By the end of my few hours I had several reusable totes filled to the brim with samples. Most booths also offer samples you can taste right away. Each vendor was excited to explain their products and inform us on what made their brand unique. 


I was really excited when I found the DermaE booth. I am a huge fan of their skincare line so I jump at the opportunity for a photo op with their cute branded bike.  

This awesome bike was going to be raffled off on the last day of the expo as a special giveaway.  

I will definitely be attending this expo again. The opportunity to connect with brands was pretty priceless and the sample haul I left with was worth the trip to Orange County.