5 Steps For Starting Your Fitness Journey

When I started my journey I was 6 weeks postpartum. I had gained nearly 70lbs during my pregnancy and was feeling extremely uncomfortable in my body. Scrolling on Instagram between nursing and diapering I happened upon the #fitmom tag. it inspired me to start home workouts and eating healthy. That spark of motivation then continued to be kindled in to a flame as I saw progress in the photos I was taking. I know I said I would give you 5 steps. But I wanted to start by telling you my story so you could see briefly the steps I took to lost 65lbs from home with no equipment. 

Kat Maisano Mom Flex

1. What's Your Why?

What's your why? What inspires you to get fit? One you can get that reason you can use it to motivate you throughout the process. Being a healthy example for my son motivates me to eat well and workout. I also find I am more patient after taking me "me time". 




2. Create Accountability 

Finding accountability is an extremely helpful tool. Ask a friend or family member to hold you to your goals. Join a fitness group. Having people there to check in with you will help you stay on track. Track your progress, set goals and create structure around your fitness journey. 

Kat Maisano Transformation

3. Take Progress Pictures

Progress pictures are powerful! Take them ever other week to see your progress. Pictures capture progress the the scale won't always reflect. Take them early on in your process. Then retake them every few weeks to see progress. It's motivating! 



4. Challenge Yourself

Athletic progress creates aesthetic progress. Focus on challenging yourself during your workouts. Try something new. Pick a machine in the gym and learn how to use it. Try something that puts you out of your comfort zone. 


5. Fall In Love With The Process

If you aren't having fun, what's the point? Find workouts you love, try new workouts, cooking recipes that are healthy and delicious. Make the journey enjoyable. It's all about what works for you. 



So, what is your why? You can make amazing progress with a lot of little steps every day. Allow yourself to be a beginner. 

Keep Going,