How to get started on your fitness journey- 5 Steps

Fitness is like denim, it's not one-size fits all. You have to dig a little and figure out what works for you.

 Getting started can be sort of confusing. With so many different options to choose from how can you go about choosing what is right for you. 

Are you ready to Barre so hard or are you more in to the intensity of crossfit? There is no 'wrong way' (assuming you aren't using poor form or going to injure yourself) 

Think about hiring a trainer or taking a class to get your feet wet and get some guidance from a professional. 


1. Find something you enjoy

If you go in to something feeling like you are going to fail you probably won't keep it up. Pick a workout that you feel like you can enjoy some elements of. Effective workouts generally can be tough but that doesn't mean you have to get yourself in to something that you will dread every minute of.

2. Throw back

Reference back to when you were in the best shape of your life. What was your diet like? What were you doing during that time? Was it when you were a collegiate athlete or a dancer? Try taking up a workout that reflects something you have done before and have been successful with. 

3. Allow yourself to be a beginner

Every expert once started as a beginner. It's ok if you fumble, feel awkward or flat out look ridiculous. Give yourself a little grace and celebrate yourself. Starting something new takes guts. 

4. Ditch the scale

While the motive behind working out for most revolves around weight related goals I am challenging you to ditch the scale. Take progress pictures instead or notice how your clothes feel. Focus on your athletic improvement - can you hold a plank longer? Are you crushing you mile PR? If you are improving athletically your body will follow.

5. Tell the world!

Accountability is key when making a big change. Tell your family and friends about your new fitness journey and what your goals are. The more you talk about your goals out loud the more likely you are to follow through. Even think about asking someone to join you in your workouts. Workout buddies are the best buddies. 


Last but not least HAVE FUN! Try to enjoy the journey. Stop focusing on what you can't do and start focusing on what you can do. Even the smallest tweaks to your nutrition or activity level can result in major progress. 

Give yourself time! Major progress happens gradually not all at once.