4 Steps To Set Better Goals

HELLO JUNE! It’s a brand new month and a great time to set goals and intentions for this month. Most people set goals and only are few are "lucky" enough to actually achieve them. This its the best way to start your fitness journey. When you a beginning your fitness journey, taking care to set goals makes all the difference.

How to set better goals

STEP 1: What is your why? Figuring out your why is a crucial first step. When you know exactly why you want to achieve your goals, it is so much easier to stay motivated. Dig deep, write out the real reason you want to get fit. NOT to lose X amount of pounds. Is it to feel confident? Is it to live a healthier lifestyle? To acquire self love? Be a good example for your kids? Write out exactly why you want to make a change. Listen to my podcast digging deeper on your why>>

STEP 2: Write out three actionable goals. Things that you can do this week to take action and make a change. What consistent boxes can you make a goal to check off (getting all of the workouts, meal prep, daily hydration) Write out three things you will do this week that will support your "why."

STEP 3: Post your three major goals somewhere you will see them daily. Having a visual reminder of your goals is a great way to stay focused. Revisit your goal setting strategy often.  If you need more guidance laying out your goals use the goal setting strategy sheet located in the resource tab. Each week return to the Goal Setting Strategy Sheet to set goals, game plan and recap.

STEP 4: Make appointments with yourself. Open your calendar on your phone and set appointments with yourself for your workouts, when you will grocery shop and meal prep.Think of your workouts as important meetings with your boss. (You are the boss, bosses don't cancel.) Create a schedule of when and what you will be meal prepping. List your schedule for the week. Break down when you will meal prep, workout, rest, ect. Having a concrete plan will make your goals more attainable.

Take the time to set goals that go beyond numbers on the scale and tag. Changing your lifestyle, habits and rituals should go way beyond looking a certain way. When you change the way you live you change the way you feel.