Ditching diets for good.

Real talk, ditch the diet. Focus on balance.

Losing 30 pounds in a month may sound good, but are those results maintainable? If you want long term change make sustainability part of the game plan. Stop putting deadlines on your body.

Eat more of the right foods not less. Move your body more and criticize less.

It's hard to feel bad about a body you are taking great care of. And the best way to do that is eating foods the provide nourishment and help you achieve your goals. 




Step 1: Kitchen check up. 

Is your kitchen an ab building machine or pushing out muffin tops?

Ok that was a bit harsh... #realtalk 

If you want to see major progress nutrition will be key. Are there certain foods that tend to be "eat the whole package during netflix binges". It's probably best leave them off the grocery list for now.

If you fill your fridge with the foods the serve your goals, it will be easier stay on track. No this isn't a diet, it's a pantry makeover! Fresh fruits like melon, berries and apples make great snacks. Cut and wash them to make healthy snack easy and accessible. Prep proteins ahead of time to make meals quick. Grill chicken to add to wraps and salads. Make a large batch of hard boiled eggs. Food prep is all around the easier way to stay on track with healthy eating. When you hit the grocery store bring a list that will keep you on track. Shop only for the things you need so you are not tempted by foods that don't serve your goals. 

2. Make regular workouts part of the routine

While going crazy 6 days a week for an hour plus at a time can yield fast results. This might not be something your can maintain long term. Start by adding a few workouts to your schedule and build upon it. Exercise is for life!  Invite a friend to join you so you are held accountable. If you are a beginner start with a simple workout.  

3. Stop the negative self talk

If you wouldn't say it about your sisters, best friend or mother. Why would you say it about your own body? Cut the negative self talk. Start to love yourself in the process of improving. Write down three non physical things you love about yourself and post it somewhere you will see daily. 

4. Throw out the scale

The scale can be extremely discouraging. Start to track progress by taking progress photos and measurements. Weight can vary due to many different variables. From water retention, auto flow :) or even a big breakfast. Stop letting the scale derail you. Focus on athletic improvements: longer planks, faster miles. There is more to progress than physical progress. 


Forget the work DIET and focus on making healthier choices day to day. Even in that means starting over several times per day.