SKINS leggings

Some dread leg day, I'm the weirdo that loves it. I train legs in some form 2-3 times per week. Generally I do a heavy leg day consisting of low reps and max weight, a glute focused day and a plyometric leg day. When it comes to leg day having the right gear makes a HUGE difference. As soon as I go serious about leg day it became clear that compression gear was a must. 

Studies have shown compression gear increases blood flow. Effectively mimicking the muscle contractions to help push fresh blood back into the tissue for better performance and recovery. 

"Increases oxygen delivery to active muscles while in motion and reduces lactic-acid build-up for more power and less recovery time"

It was time to put these leggings to the ultimate test. 

My Plyo Day:

Warm up: 15 min stair mill HIIT- 3:2 Steady pace/Stair Sprint

3x 10 box jumps- 10 Burpees

3x 10 10 Jump squats- 10 medicine ball slams (25lbs)

3x 10 10 Ski Lunges- 10 Forward Lunges

3x 1 min high knees- 30 mountain climbers

10 min Sprint intervals 3:2 Steady pace/ Sprint


It was clear these are a leg day GAME CHANGER! No adjustments needed and no riding up. Clearly more support than other compression tights I own. Not to mention to compliments I received. The fit is so cute and flattering, The stiching curves and hugs creating a very cute fit that accentuates the booty <3