Staying fresh after a workout with Dermstore

As a personal trainer, Mom, and Fitness & Lifestyle Blogger life can get really busy. I Sweat almost everyday.

Some days I do 3-5 workouts with clients. In between I like to keep things on hand like facial cleansing wipes, dry shampoo and texture spray. Oh and deodorant of course. 

I had the opportunity to visit the Dermstore Target studios and share my tips on looking great post workout. 


ONE LOVE Organics Dry Shampoo

The best beauty advice I ever received was to start washing my hair less. Sounds gross? But our hair needs its natural oils to stay healthy. Invest in a good shower cap and you can still take your daily rinse. I was my hair about 2 times per week at most. This powder dry shampoo worked really well and is easy to apply. With a large powder brush you. You can apply it exactly where you need. Also this product contains no harsh chemicals. 

Skyn Iceland Glacier Cleansing Cloths

This product surprised me with how sudsy they are. This cloth really removed all of my makeup and left my skin clean. Great for travel or to keep in your gym bag They are made to detoxify and cleanse your skin on-the-go. I like to wipe down my face, chest, neck, and shoulders to avoid breakouts. When you allow sweat to dry on your skin in clogs your pores which can cause major body breakouts. 

Rene Furtherer Vegetal Texture Spray (2.2oz.)

The Vegetal Texture spray smells amazing and adds really full sexy volume to your hair. It adds instant volume. Post workout it is best to work with natural texture of your hair if you don't have time to wash. Add some texture spray after the dry shampoo and bend and twist hair back in to place. 

Clarisonic Mia Fit - Pink (3piece)

The Mia fit first of all is adorable, I mean it comes in pink...

 It also leaves your skin looking shiny and fresh. Don't let this little thing fool you, this thing has some power. You can really feel the deep clean it gives you.



Conversation sponsored on behalf of Dermstore a Target subsidiary