LAfitexpo goes healthy

LAfitexpo is one of the largest gatherings of fitness and health minded professionals of the year. 

Rows upon rows of new workout equipment, professional body builders, supplements and bars. With so much to see and discover I made it my mission to find the best organic and all natural products being offered this year. 


I set out on my journey and was so surprised but how many certified organic AMAZING products there were to taste. 


I narrowed it down to my top picks of the expo and here there are:


1.Straight from the Root

This item is a clean eaters DREAM. Fast and simple veggies with nothing added in. Straight From The Root provides  organic, preservative-free, GMO-free, and fresh produce. They cook all of their vegetables in their 8oz vacuum sealed bag using the sous vide cooking method so all our products maintain 100% of their fresh volume, vitamins, and flavor.  Simply place the unvented bag in the microwave or boiling water for 90 seconds.  Fast, simple, and foolproof. I was amazed by how tasty and pure the flavors were from each veggie I tried 

2. Ground Based Nutrition

Ground based nutrition is more than meets the eye. This vegan organic shake provides you with an all in one shake. Made with organic plant based protein, greens, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and digestive items. So instead of having to take each item separately this is an all in one. It also contains ZERO sugar. I loved the rich chocolate flavor. 

3. I Heart Keenwa

These tasty snacks didn't make it out of my car on the way home in LA traffic. The quinoa clusters havea  sweet and salty taste that was too good not to devour.  My son also loved the aged cheddar quinoa puffs which are reminiscent of Cheetos without the dye and saturated fat. 

4. Chefs Cut Jerky

Chefs cut has set the bar so high for me when it comes to all natural jerky. Each flavor is as good as the next. I discovered them last year at the expo and was excited to see them back. This year the hit a home run with their new Buffalo Chicken jerky. With only 1 gram of sugar it's a dream for someone looking for a healthy, portable high protein snack. 


Whether you are a Fitness pro or just interested in trying samples. The Fitexpo has something for everyone. I can't wait to attend again next year! Check out when the expo will be local to you