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So many do it, and so few talk about it. 

I am all about transparency so I thought I would share my story. 


As my career continues to grow I am been getting a ton of awesome modeling opportunities. With being photographed more often it is natural to become conscious of your appearance.


Since high school I have had deep forehead lines. I was even picked on at one point for having "wrinkles". The combination of the natural aging process, too much sun and not enough sleep made these lines even more visible. 

With each new opportunity I found myself being increasingly aware of how my skin looked in photos. 

I mentioned my insecurity to a friend and she instantly replied that I should try Botox™

I immediately scoffed "I AM ONLY 27!?" My mind went straight to the frozen faces of the real house wives and I cringed at the thought.

She then let me in on the secret. " I have it, and love it"

Insert minion "WHAAAAAA??????" 

I looked at her gorgeous skin and was intrigued. 

I began doing my research and quickly found that there are lot's of different options and price points for Botox™. From Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to sketchy house parties. 

I knew finding and absolute professional and specialist was the way I wanted to go. 


Another friend, who later admitted she had done it too referred me to
Dr. Kay

Dr, Kay Durairaj, M.D., F.A.C.S. made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the consultation process. Discussing what I desired ( extremely natural look), the muscles in my face and placement. Dr. Kay is a Board Certified otolaryngologist (or ear, nose, and throat specialist) and facial plastic surgeon. Her office is located in the city of Pasadena Ca next to Huntington Memorial Hospital. 







I nervously scheduled my appointment. 



The process took less than 15 minutes and was relatively painless, feeling like a tiny pinch or a ant bite. It takes 4 days or up to a week to see the results.

I was able to attend a Christmas party that night and wear makeup. The only direction is that you can not lay down within the 3-5 hours after receiving the treatment. The results can last 4-6 months depending on the person,

The results have been MIND BLOWING. I was immediately impressed with the smoothing of lines and how wonderful my skin looks. 




Contact Dr. Kay Durairaj, M.D., F.A.C.S. 

(626) 316-7033

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