Bulu box!



I had the opportunity to try out a Bulu box.

What's a Bulu box?

Think of those boxes you see with different cosmetic samples. This is the same idea but with health related supplements. This gives you a chance to try something before you purchase a product that wasn't right for you. I don't use many supplements. I reserve 'supps' to organic protein powders, multi vitamins and that's about it. These items can be pricey and without know what item is right for you can be intimidating.

This was a fantastic way to be able to try out a variety of health and fitness supplements at an affordable price. My favorite sample by far were the Martha Stewart gummy vitamins. This was a full 30 day vitamin supply. The Bulu box takes you through a brief survey to find out what your overall health goal is. After signing up for your subscription you will receive a box loaded with samples according to those goals!. 

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