Happy Friday!!

Weekends can either make or break your progress. One too many treats and cocktails can leave you feeling bloated and less than on track.

Here are some tips for staying on track this weekend:

1. Make fitness part of the social schedule!
Plan to meet friends for a hike, try a new group class or do a home workout together. Workouts with friends can be so much fun. Plus you won't have to skip the social scene to stay on track.

2. Plan your meals
There is nothing wrong with having a treat here and there. The problem occurs when treat meals turn in to cheat weekends. If you KNOW you are going out for Tacos and Margs with the gals plan to keep it light the rest of the day. Also, getting your workout in prior will have your metabolism working in you favors.

3. Get it done early

The weekend can get hectic, doing your workout early in the day will ensure that life doesn't get in the way. Wake up early and get it done so you can enjoy the rest of the weekend!