Meal Prep for real people

You know those perfect Pinterest photos with all of the meals all lined up perfectly in a row. Picturing identical meals for all 5 square meals for seven days. Yeah.... this isn't where you are going to learn how to do that.

I find that when people try to prep meals that far in advanced by they end of the week they end up wasting food and falling off track. Instead of trying to prep EVERYTHING all at once. Set of an hour 1-3 times per week to prepare parts of meals. Do this type of prep can help cut cooking time down. If you have a hectic schedule and are tired at the end of the day having a quick meal is essential. Figure out how many meals you are going to need out of the house for school, work ect. Those are the meals you will need to prep and pack completely.

Don't let your produce go to waste. The minute you get home cut and  store fruit and veggies for easy snacks and meals. If you make healthy and appealing things that are accessible you are more likely to reach for that than the bag of chips.


Here are a few of my go to items to meal prep:

  1. Smoothie packs. Cut up fruit in small pieces and portion in to freezer bags. Make different flavor combinations for easy smoothies for breakfasts and snacks
  2. Turkey Quinoa Veggie Balls. Combine veggies, prepared quinoa and ground turkey and portion in to muffin tins for easy grab and go meals
  3. Roasted Sweet Potatoes. These are great for dipping in hummus and any time snacks
  4. Wash and cut veggies. I like to wash and chop zucchini and tomatoes to add to egg scrambles in the morning. Prep carrot sticks and cucumber slices for easy snacking
  5. Home made hummus. Because who doesn't love hummus? I used it for snacks, on sandwiches and on salads.
  6. Protein Waffles

Simply your food and prep and focus on setting yourself up for success.

For recipes and more meal prepping advice grab the KGK FITBOOK+