What is #kgkfitsisters?

When current #kgkfitsisters were asked to use three words to describe their experience I was brought to tears.

Encouraging, challenging, community
Fun, loving, and supportive!
Encouraged, celebrated, loved
Motivating, supportive and challenging!
Inspiring, motivating, rewarding!
Encouraging, inspirational and sisterhood!
Empowering, uplifting, supporting!!!
Gratifying, refreshing, sisterhood!



When I founded #kgkfitsisters in January of 2015 we has just under 20 members. Without a clear model, plan or design we dove in to the first challenge. I provided women across North America with a workout plan, recipes, and coaching. Within a few short weeks I knew we were on to something special.

The #kgkfitsisters group is hosted on facebook. The group is totally private. Only members of the group are able to search, view and post. As of now we have close to 100 members on and off facebook.  Every month and the numbers continue to grow.

These groups have evolved to be about so much more than just fitness. Each month we not only grow but have women that have continued from previous months. The bonds that have been formed between these women are undeniable. It does not matter that we are in different time zones, states even CONTINENTS! We share our lives, our downfalls and our journeys. This groups is an incredibly unique group of women. I feel honored to be a part of their lives.

Each month a new Fit guide and seasonal recipes are released to the active members. The workouts can be done from home without any equipment. Kat posts events and tips on what to post to stay on track and accountable. As well as answer questions that are posted to the group.

The results the #kgkfitsisters have achieved have been inspiring.