Staying on track this holiday season!

Oh the holidays...The hustle and bustle, holiday parties, family recipes and sweets galore. Staying on track this time of year can be tricky. With co-workers showing up with store bought snow man cookies and 300 calorie pumpkin spice lattes saying no can be quite the challenge.

How can one stay on track without turning in to a total grinch?


1. Pick and choose your treats!

There is no shortage of sugar this time of year. Save your treats for items that are truly worth it. Skip the half eaten left over pie in the break room and save your splurge for you great aunts famous slice of pie.

2. Get a workout in before a big meal.

Wake up and get your workout in on holidays or feasting days. You metabolism will be supercharged, plus you'll have more energy to enjoy the fun.

3. Bring a healthy dish to share.

This time the buffet tables can get rather meat and starch heavy. Make a healthy salad or your favorite vegetable dish to share. Your friends and family will thank you for adding some lighter fare to the mix.

4.Make healthy swaps.

Craving a holiday treat? Look up healthy swaps for your holiday favorites. You can use full fat greek yogurt part for part for oil in cake mixes, sub coconut sugar for white sugar in cookies. Little swaps can make a big difference.

5.Put fitness on your Christmas list.

Ask for a gift card to your local yoga studio, or for a new pair of running shoes. Some gear for your home gym. Putting fitness on your holiday list with have you achieving your new year's resolution a few weeks early.

6. Skip the brandy spike nog.

Not only are holiday cocktails and beverages high in calories, they slow down your metabolism. If you must have a nip with dinner stick with a glass of red wine. Keep it in moderation.

7.Have active family time.

During the holidays it's all about spending time with those who mean the most. Make fitness part of the family fun. Take a walk after dinner, take a bike ride or have a dance party.