Making a New Year's resolution and sticking with it.

As we close in on the last days of 2016 many people are meditating on what this year's resolution will be. While some may see it as cliche, I see it as a great way to get a fresh start. Whether you resolution may be fitness related, or not. Here are some ways to stick with it past Valentines day.

1. Make a realistic resolution.

While jumping head first in to an extreme 90 day regimen the first of the year may be the trend. Try something more practical that you are actually going to follow through on. Go for a 30 min walk after dinner with your spouse, plan to meet a friend weekly for a new workout class, or increase the length of your current workout by 15 min. A resolution will be more successful if it can be easily worked in to your current schedule.

2. Tell your family and friends.

Accountability is the key to success. Tell everyone about your plan and how you plan to achieve your goal. Once you talk the talk you are more likely to feel the need to walk the walk.

3. Set monthly goals.

Gym rats everywhere can attest that most resolutions don't make it past Valentines Day. If you set monthly goals you are more likely to stick to the plan. Goals are a great way to avoid plateaus because you will be striving for constant progress.

4. Create a plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish. If you want to be successful create a plan. Even a simple outline works. Get a journal and dedicate it to said goal. Use it to write monthly goals, jot down references and keep track of progress.

5. Look back at past resolutions.

The best place to learn is in our past mistakes and failures. Avoid running in to the same snags by reflecting where you may have fallen short in the past.

6. Track your progress

Ever heard the phrase "Once you see results it becomes an addiction."? It is completely true. Progress pictures are THE BEST way to track fitness progress. What ever your goal may be, formulate a way to track your progress. It will motivate you to continue.